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Lido "Import Spec" Necks and Bodies

Introducing Lido.

Bodies and necks specifically designed to repair, upgrade and match the most popular "import spec" guitars out there.

Our bodies are made from the finest kiln dried White Poplar, Ash and Alder. Necks from Hard Rock Maple. Bodies are 43mm deep with 56mm wide neck pockets. Necks have 42mm wide nuts and are 56mm wide at the heel. Yes, 22 fret necks DO FIT all bodies.

All bodies mate perfectly with hardware typically found on modern imported guitars including most "Squier" brand, as well as hundreds of different "GFS" tuners, bridges, pickups and pickguards.
At 43mM Thick these bodies are a big upgrade for most inexpensive imported guitars. Our necks take modern "Grover' and "Gotoh" style machines with 10mm mounting holes.

For a couple hundred bucks you can build a guitar that can compete head to head with most guitars in the $600-700 price range!
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