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Mean 90- True Alnico P90 Pickup in Humbucker Case, Our FATTEST

Our Dream 90's have proven to be some of the most popular pickups in the world since their introduction in 2004.

It's hard to find a guitar forum or chat room that doesn't have raves about them!

One of the things people have asked for is a "Vintage Correct" TRUE P90 in a humbucker form factor. After nearly 1 year of handmade prototypes, design changes and careful recalibration- we've come up with a pickup that we proudly call the Mean 90.

How do they differ from the Dreams?? We've gone to a different Magnet structure, different coil size, added an expensive German Silver baseplate, and completely revamped to output level. We slightly "age" Alnico V magnets, and wrap the coils with Formvar 42 gauge wire. The result is a pickup that is FAR more agressive in the lower mids, yet still has a crisp and clear high end. Think of the Mean 90's as a 4-10 Tweed Bassman and the Dream 90's as a Tweed Deluxe. The Dreams are more modern sounding and overdrive an amp with a decided CRUNCH- The Means are smoother- warmer, fuller and a tad louder. If you like Vintage Tones and really want to FEEL your pick attack on the strings- I think the mean 90 may be the best pickup currently available.

How do we cram all of that expensive stuff into a sub-$40 pickup?? We only sell direct to the public- so no middlemen, sales reps or dealers to stick their hands in your pockets.

These fit ALL standard humbucker routs. We ship them in a retail box complete with GFS Wiring diagrams, black trim ring and chrome screws. PLEASE compare these to the $80 Name Brand pickups and the $160 "Boutique" pickups. I have. I think these may be our most convincing Bargain yet!
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