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Memphis Alnico 2 Rickenbacker® tone Vintage Jangle Pickup

The entirely brand new and totally desirable "Retrotron" series from GFS. Yes- all of the thunderous buzz at HarmonyCentral and on all the boards is TRUE!

The goal here was to recreate the cool vintage sounds. Not just the same boring PAF stuff that everyone's doing- after all- how many times can a grown man play "Stormy Monday"??

So the Retrotron Nashville and Liverpools have been tearing up the pickup market-The forums are buzzing, rock stars are calling, and our site is selling 'em by the boatload. Nailing the old Filtertron sound was cool, but I LOVE classic Beatle-y Rickenbacker® jangle. We used to have a pickup called the "Memphis", it was a neat little mini humbucker with Alnico II magnets- people loved em, but they cost too much to make, defying the GFS credo- "Great tone, dirt cheap".

Finally we found a new source for the exact same Alnico II magnet stock, so we got to work with the Formvar wire and wound up a set of protos- only this time we went full humbucker sized- WOW what a tone. Full, rich and balanced, with a beautiful shimmer and jangle on the high end.

Try 'em on a Les Paul, love 'em on a tele, super on an archtop- you can't go wrong. If your band covered Creed and Korn, look elsewhere, but for Petty, Sheryl Crowe, Harrison stuff- this is IT!

Listen to the sample below!

Retrotron Memphis Classic vintage warmth with a crisp, clear high end
MP3: Bridge Pickup

MP3: Neck Pickup

The words Rickenbacker® and Toaster® are trademarks of the Rickenbacker International Corporation. Guitarfetish is not affiliated with Rickenbacker.

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