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Mini Humbucker P90 Soapbar Adapter Rings BLACK
Mini Humbucker P90 Soapbar Adapter Rings BLACK

Mini Humbucker P90 Soapbar Adapter Rings BLACK



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It's about time!! For YEARS I've been doing the same mod- Get a pair of gibson® Mini humbucker rings from my "Parts Bin", get some PVC tubing from the hobby store, cut two pieces of tubing EXACTLY 9/16" long, epoxy them into the shells to create the proper "Backspacing"... then take a pair of min humbuckers, flatten the mounting legs, trim and drill them to fit and VOILA... I had a custom set of Min humbuckers that would fit ANY P90 Soapbar rout.

Worked like a charm- doing that mod helped put me through Medical School..(oh wait...I'm a guitar player not a Doctor...) Ok, Ok.. it helped pay for many more guitars!

Now that GFS is big time- we have had these shells made up custom for us- in exactly the right size to accommodate a modified mini humbucker. "Modify"?? Jay you're scaring me!

Don't worry- it's CAKE to do. When you're done your standard Mini is now worth more anyway- cause everyone wants the P90 ring setup.

You get a pair of rings, four Stainless Steel screws and Two foam pads- everything you need to do a pair of minis. You do NOT need any special mounting plates- You do NOT need to solder the screws to the pickup or any of that kind of stuff. It's dead-simple to do. 

Your pickup must be 2 5/8" x 1 1/8". This ring can accommodate any baseplate design- so as long as you have the right size casing this will work.

Download EZ Installation Instructions HERE

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