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NEW DESIGN! Brownie Classic Distortion Classic "Marshall" tones

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All new and redesigned for 2015. Now in the CLASSIC cast aluminum indestructible case!

The Brownie Classic Distortion is designed specifically to reproduce the sound, feel and crunch of several different classic "Marshall' tube guitar amps.

Getting the real tube amp feel and "girth" is something a lot of pedals promise, but we feel the Brownie Classic delivers.

The Brownie classic has three modes:

  • "Power" is the glowing tube, fat and gutsy four-input "Plexi" sound. Lots of mids, chunky warm bottom end and a crisp, relaxed high end.
  • "Open" is a crunchier, punchier version, more of a good, hot modded plexi sound
  • "Comp" is a more compressed lead sound with a bit of a midrange scoop- like a hotrodded JCM-800

Like all of the GFS Footpedals, the Brownie Classic is built a solid steel enclosure with heavy duty componentry and high quality switch and jacks. It will run off of a standard 9 volt battery (Not Included), or either of our GFS A/C Adapters.

Here are a few quick samples we recorded using an Xaviere XV-500 with GFS Fat Pat pickups, through a 63 fender® Princeton, miked with a Shure SM-57.

Brownie Classic Distortion "Power" Mode

Brownie Classic Distortion "Open" Mode

Brownie Classic Distortion "Comp" Mode

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