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NEW DESIGN! Pro Delay Classic- Vintage Echoplex Style

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NEW DESIGN! All new Cast Aluminum Case- Indestructible!

The Pro Delay Classic is a rough and tumble footpedal- using a modern technology to recreate the complex delay patterns of the vintage Echoplex effects.

With two setting- Short is 0-600ms, Long is 0-1100 ms- the Pro Delay Classic can do everything from tight slapback echoes to long, multi-repeat echos.

Compared to a modern digital delay pedal the Pro Delay is far warmer and richer and more musical- Each repeat is burnished with a bit of "dirt" to fatten up the sound.

Here are a few quick samples we recorded using an Xaviere XV-900 with our soon-to-be-released GFS Surf 90 pickups, through a 63 Princeton, miked with a Shure SM-57.

Pro Delay Classic Rockabilly Slapback

Pro Delay Classic Short Delay

Pro Delay Classic Long Delay

Please note- The Pro Delay Classic requires a lot of juice to do it's magic, so we STRONGLY recommend you run this device with an AC adapter for optimal performance. If you have to run 9 volts only, we recommend a Lithium battery- we have had good results with the Ultralife Lithium 9 volt batteries.

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