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Nashville Vintage Filtertron-Style Humbucker Chrome

The goal here was to recreate the cool vintage sounds. Not just the same boring PAF stuff that everyone's doing- after all- how many times can a grown man play "Stormy Monday"?? No- I dig the old Filtertrons, the vintage Dearmonds, the cool old Guild pickups, the fat, warm stuff with the "kerrangy" high end. Pretty tough to get that sound today in any kind of form factor that actually fits a normal guitar, so we went in to the top secret GFS "skunk works" and had some fun with magnetics. One year later we had the formula down pat- four flavors, three finishes, all bitchin...

So here's the story- These are Standard Humbucker Sized- so they fit ANY guitar that accepts humbuckers.

FINALLY you can now get the cool vintage sound into your archtop, your semi hollow, yor Les Paul, your cheap import, Even your Strat- don't matter to me, takes a humbucker- THIS WILL FIT.

OK- so the problem with the old vintage pickups is that once you finally get a guitar that has em- you really NEED MORE GAIN- We've all experienced it- sounds cool, need more balls! Well ladies and gents- we've wrapped up four completely different varieties. The Nashvilles use a particularly sweet and somewhat expensive breed of ceramic magnet, and give you the fat vintage sound with the clear, crisp, crunchy high end. The Liverpools add even warmer Alnico V magnets. All use correct Formvar enamel wire, vintage nickel adjustable polepieces, shielded metal cases and four conductor wiring. The Standard versions are about 35% hotter than vintage pickups, the "HOT" versions about 50% hotter!

Listen to ALL of the Sound files below!

Nashville All of the vintage warmth with a crisp, clear high end 

Hot Nashville Bigger, Louder and fatter- yet still retains the vintage chime! 

Liverpool Fat Alnico V magnets, classic crunch, extra body and warmth

Hot Liverpool Overwound Alnico V Magnets- Ultimate body and warmth with Fat, singing highs.
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