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Neovin Active Preamp\EQ

The Neovin Active preamp/EQ Turns your Neovin Pickup set (Or ANY Passive pickups) Into a low impedance, active pickup system.

We've built in a 25 db clean gain preamp with plenty of headroom, and an ONBOARD 3-Band EQ. This allows you to dial your pickups in EXACTLY to match your guitar and amp setup. Keep everything flat and the unit is completely transparent, add some bottom, mod or high end and you can turn a totally flat lifeless guitar into a real personalized tone machine.

The Neovin PRE-1 includes a built in pot that becomes your "BOOST" control. Turned counter-clockwise you have Zero- (unity) gain- set to the center detent you have a nice firm 12 db boost- turned fully clockwise and you get the full 25 db.

Each of the preamp bandwidth adjuster trim pots give you a full 12db + or - for each position.

Choose from the separate board to wire it up yourself or buy one of our handy pre-wired install kits- which come complete with 5-way switch and tone pots already installed.

We even offer a true bypass version that allows you to turn the circuit completely off and get back to your original, passive guitar sound.
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Neovin PRE-1 Active preamp/EQ Board install kit
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