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Neovin Hard Vintage "Overwound" Tele Neck Pickup

Part Number:NEOTN9


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All of the great vintage looks, overwound for a fatter, louder tone...with NO noise.

Warmth, sweetness AND clarity are tough to come by in a Tele neck pickup. Overwound tele pickups are even worse! The Hard Vintage Neovin produced a very full and very fat neck sound- perfect for the blues- but with enough clarity and pick attack to not sound like a box full of mud- and it's totally noiseless!

Thoroughly wax potted for the most noise-free tele neck experience you've ever had.

Vintage style fiber bobbin can accommodate either classic wood mount (as pictured0, or modern fender® pickguard mount.

Jack this up as close to the strings as you can for maximum performance.

Retail Price:$65.95
Guitarfetish Price $32.95

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