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Neovin Noise Free Pickups for Telecaster Guitars

The new Neovin Tele pickups from GFS finally deliver TRUE vintage tele tone, with no noise.

Over one year in development, after hundreds of prototypes, we're confident the new Neovin pickups deliver more of the true tone you've been lustnig after, with zero noise, feedback or squealing. These are passive pickups- no batteries to go dead, and they retain the classic construction techniques and vintage appearance that is so important to Tele players.

We are proud to offer three different Bridge pickups, two different Neck Pickups, and three different calibrated pairings.

Bridge Pickups: For classic Tele Twang go for the super spanky Pure Vintage NEOTB7. For a little bit more power with that spank, the Hard Vintage NEOTB9 kicks a little bit more dirt in your face. For a thicker, rounder, more modern tone, the Power Rock bridge pickup NEOTB12 is for you!

Neck Pickups: The classic smooth tele neck sound is the Pure Vintage NEOTN7... it's fat, round and very sweet, yet retains enough high end to hang with a Strat. The fatter, thicker Power Vintage NEOTN9 adds a little bit more Fusion-style syrup...

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