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Neovin PRE-1 Active preamp/EQ Board install kit

Part Number:NEOPRE-1


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This is the Neovin PRE-1 board, switching output jack and battery snap lead. You can use your existing volume control and one of your tone controls- You will turn this tone into the "Master Tone" control for the guitar.

Our illustrated instructions make it fairly simple to turn your passive guitar into a fully active, EQ'd tone machine.

While we specifically designed this circuit to match thje frequency response of the GFS Neovin pickup- it works AMAZINGLY well with all passive pickups- especially other noise canceling sets like Lace Sensors, fender® Noiseless and most others.

This is a small and extremely effective circuit. If you need control of the EQ functions while playing- try our F28 circuit.

Need some help with wiring? Check out our wiring instructions!

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