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Onboard 2.5 Watt Guitar Amp- Drive a speaker OR Headphones!
Onboard 2.5 Watt Guitar Amp- Drive a speaker OR Headphones!

Onboard 2.5 Watt Guitar Amp- Drive a speaker OR Headphones!

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This is the single most powerful 9 volt guitar amp in the world- a full 2.5 watts of power- and yet it fits right INTO your guitar! Drill NO holes, make no serious mods to your axe- just install the "Mini Tube Amp" circuit in place of one of your tone pots, and you're all set. Sure, you can install a speaker right in your guitar and rock out wherever you go- but my favorite thing is to use the speaker circuit right into the output jack.

Sure- it's got an "on-off" switch. When it's off you can use your regular guitar sound if you install a mini switch or a push-pull pot. Hell- just use the Mini Tube Amp circuit, a battery and a speaker and make your own portable amp out of anything- a cigarette pack, a gas can, a condom box- your call!

Imagine showing up at the gig with your stock guitar- a cable and NO AMP. It's all right here. The Mini Tube Amp Circuit runs on a single 9 volt battery, and battery life is excellent. This is not the 1/10th watt or 1/5th watt amps that are used in so many tiny amps and onboard, all-in-one guitars- this is a full fire-breathing 2.5 watts of power!. The trim pot is basically a Preamp control- low for clean jazzy "woody" tone, jack it up for a bit of tube-like overdrive. How sweet is this thing? I have this installed in a strat and I bring JUST my guitar to practice. I plug RIGHT INTO a Marshall cab- and it is surprisingly loud and crunchy! I have another one in a les paul® and I put a 2 1/2" speaker in the control cavity- firing through holes in the cavity cover- It sounds wicked! It also has provisions for a Headphone Jack- That's right- jam in private!! Also there's provision for a standard LED on/off light. Really the deluxe circuit!

Need some help with wiring? Check out our wiring instructions!

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