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Onboard Multi-Distortion Circuit- Hot Rodded tone!
Onboard Multi-Distortion Circuit- Hot Rodded tone!

Onboard Multi-Distortion Circuit- Hot Rodded tone!

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Brand New Circuit- for Smoother Distortion!

This is the single most versatile distortion effect in the whole world, and it mounts right IN YOUR GUITAR. DO NOT confuse these with similar circuits touted on ebay- we have these custom made to our specs-FOUR different distortion effects AND an active boost mode, right at your fingertips- the whole lot instantly switchable, just turn the knob.. Drill NO holes, make no serious mods to your axe- just install the "Multi Drive Circuit" in place of one of your tone pots, and you're all set.

The Multi Drive Circuit runs on a single 9 volt battery, battery life is excellent, and the entire range of distortion sounds is adjustable via an internal level trimpot. The active mode is unity gain (No Boost) it's the exact sound of your guitar but now you're Low Impedance! Run a mile of cord- and notice how full and punchy your stock pickups are!

There's a small trim pot on the board that allows you to dial in how loud you want the boost effects- so you can either get unity gain distortion or give the distortions a noticeable boost. I like the distortions to have just a slight boost, but sometimes for playing out I'll goose that trim pot a bit to give me more boost for the lead songs.

Need some help with wiring? Check out our wiring instructions!

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