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Onboard Preamp- Clapton Mid Boost, Brian May Treble Boost, Clean Gain

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Here you go folks-

LOTS of you have begged us to develop a single, onboard circuit that could do three things- 1) Give me a big gain boost WITH NO MODS TO THE APPEARANCE OF MY GUITAR 2) Give me that Clapton BIG mid boost- you know, the kind of thing that turns single coils into big hairy humbuckers. 3) How about that Brian May treble boost- you know the ability to add enough upper mids and high frequencies to really drive a good tube amp.

We were planning on supplying a MAJOR reseller with these, and the plan was to retail the kit in a box for $120. Well, you don't get the box, but save a fortune! We have designed the circuit to PERFECTLY fit in the control cavity of strat style guitar- and of course in a les paul® or similar it's too easy to mount. You have two choices- Use your existing 500K volume control to feed the passive input of your guitar into the circuit- this works just fine, but you'll REALLY want to drill a small hole in your pickguard to access the onboard gain pot. Option 2 is what I like- buy the 50K Audio pot from us (Search for item # F30). Now you just feed the output rom your 5-way switch directly to the circuit, jack the on board gain pot, and use the volume pot as a Master Gain control- Now the entire signal chain becomes LOW IMPEDANCE- NICE!

I can't tell you how luxurious it is to have nealry unlimited amount of gain, mid and treble boost AND cut at your fingertips. The Mid and Treble pots are center detended- so you can start with a stock sound, then season to taste.

We include the entire kit- the circuit with pre-soldered pots and battery clip, a switching output jack, two pieces of special double stick tape and our famous- no-brainer illustrated installation instructions.

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