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PRICE SLASHED! "Dano-Flake" Red P Bass Lightweight Body
PRICE SLASHED! 'Dano-Flake' Red P Bass Lightweight Body

PRICE SLASHED! "Dano-Flake" Red P Bass Lightweight Body

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   NOBODY makes this finish anymore. Remember Danelectro and Silvertone guitars from the 60's? The ones in black with the shiny glitter in the finish? Loved those.

  We decided to do a modern rethink of that finish. Solid Basecoat- a liberal amount of HOLOGRAPHIC glitter and then a thin, hard clearcoat.

   These look amazing under stage lights!

   Really, really nice vintage style Pbass Bodies bodies, cut for Standard vintage Pbass guards and hardware.

   These are light weight bodies that weight around 2.8 lbs.

   These are finished in thin, super-hard urethane- NOT hazy polyester. We think you'll be quite pleased with the quality of these bodies, and the price CANNOT be beat!

   These have industry standard 2 7/16" wide neck pockets- and can accept fender® licensed necks and our entire line of Bass replacement necks. You may use ANY of our bass bridges- and of course this body can be drilled for string through usage as well.

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