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Pre-Wired pickguard- Cream hardware on mint Green 1962 Pickguard

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Not all wired pickguards are created the same. I have my high end- USA sized Mint Green pickguards CUSTOM wired. This is NOT a pickguard unit pulled from a low-end Saga kit, or removed from a cheap Chinese Strat copy. Take a good look at some of the other wired guards on Ebay-low-end...What's sexier on a custom color or sunburst Strat than a Mint Green pickguard with Cream knobs and pickup covers!!!

This is a great opportunity to grab one of these for what the big guitar makers pay- A similar Pickguard/Pickup/Pot/Switch/Knob setup is supplied to a "Very Famous" manufacturer, and I buy mine from the same source in stupid quantities. Heck- to load one of these up for yourself you'd be in for well over $75 PLUS all that tedious soldering!

The pickups are nice, full ceramic bar magnet units. It's got a real 5-way switch, smooth audio taper pots and the full compliment of knobs and switch tip. This is a standard 11-hole Strat style pickguard, and should be a good fit for most real Strat guitars. On some imports you might find a few holes off a bit- but after 25 years of fitting pickguards, I can tell you- nearly every guitar needs a little bit of fitting work.

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