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REDactive EQ Switching Humbucker Active Neck position Black
REDactive EQ Switching Humbucker Active Neck position Black

REDactive EQ Switching Humbucker Active Neck position Black

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REDactive Humbuckers deliver true vintage warmth, tone and "feel" but with a total absence of buzz and hum.

The "DIP SWITCH" versions of REDactive pickups incorporate a user-selectable preamp and EQ section- You can chose standard or +10db output gain, and chose from normal or +12db boost for Treble and Bass. This is PERFECT to balance pickups by position or give an unusually dead or thin guitar the extra bass or treble it needs!

We wind the REDactive humbuckers to be very rich and warm with an extraordinary amount of high end response. The "Passive" feel is there...hit it hard.. it responds... lay back, it cleans up- just like the old days. the "Brown Sound" is here in ridiculous proportions... the extended low end and transparent high end really give the REDactive humbuckers a unique sound amongst active pickups.

Now don't confuse the REDactive humbuckers with passive pickups of yore... These are true vintage style pickups with Alnico magnets.. wound with very narrow aperture symmetrical coils and shielded to virtually eliminate ALL 60 cycle hum, buzz and RF. We've added one of the loudest and most powerful low impedance preamps to these, to really drive the front end of your amp. having this much gain with this little noise is VERY addictive!

Each REDactive Humbucker comes retail boxed with screws, springs and a cable to attach to the three pin connectors on the back of the pickup. We recommend 25K volume and tone pots and a .1uf tone capacitor. We sell ALL the components for solder-install as well as our complete solderless "Plug-N'Play" system components. If you'd rather have all the components pre-chosen and bagged- we do that too!

Need help wiring? Check out our interactive wiring instructions!

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