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REDactive Neck Pickup Active Chrome Case - Fits Tele®
REDactive Neck Pickup Active Chrome Case - Fits Tele®

REDactive Neck Pickup Active Chrome Case - Fits Tele®

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REDactive Tele Sized pickups deliver true alnico magnet vintage warmth, tone and "feel" but with a total absence of buzz and hum.

The true test of a great set of Tele pickups is the snap of the bridge pickup, the sweet breezy song of the neck pickup. To our ears this has never been accomplished with active pickups... until now. These pickups look the part but sound even better. A fantastic way to warm up a cold and lifeless import guitar, or a great way to take a great warm vintage guitar and remove ALL the 60 cycle hum, buzz and RF frequency noise. Not only are they quiet, but even the tamest Tele now has the power to really drive the front end of an amp. This much power is addictive!

Each pickup has its own custom wound coils and custom voiced preamp. We're winding real alnico V magnets for the true vintage feel. This is the ONLY WAY to get the real vintage Tele tone and BITE right. Trust me... it works, because one size does not fit all.

Each REDactive TEle Sized Pickup comes retail boxed with screws, springs and a cable to attach to the three pin connectors on the back of the pickup. We recommend 25K volume and tone pots and a .3uf tone capacitor. We sell ALL the components for solder-install as well as our complete solderless "Plug-N'Play" system components. If you'd rather have all the components pre-chosen and bagged- we do that too!

Need help wiring? Check out our interactive wiring instructions!

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