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REDactive P Bass Active pickup  black Case
REDactive P Bass Active pickup black Case

REDactive P Bass Active pickup black Case

Part Number:RL129


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REDactives Pbass pickups give you all the great vintage warmth, tone and FEEL... with ZERO 60 cycle hum, buzz or RF noise.

We wound a real honest-to-god vintage style pickup here... Alnico magnets and all... noise cancelling and fully shielded, then built a super low noise, lo-impedance preamp to give you the kind of earth-shaking POWER that is so tough to get out of passive pickups.

Like all REDactives the Pbass style pickups use a 3 prong quick connector and you can install them in ANY bass using our "Plug-N-Play" solderless system. The pickup does come with a nice long lead if you prefer to install with conventional soldering.

We prefer a 25K volume and tone and a .2uf tone cap- all of which we sell in the REDactive electronics category.

The pickup comes retail boxed with screws, foam pads, a nice long connector cable and illustrated instructions.

Need help wiring? Check out our interactive wiring instructions!

Retail Price:$53.95
Guitarfetish Price $26.95

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