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REDactives Active Pickup System


Introducing REDactives Active Pickups from GFS.

REDactives. The different active pickup system.

REDactive Reds- True vintage sound and FEEL with alnico magnets.

REDactive Golds- Modern power, Modern midrange punch and excellent string response with ferrite magnets.

The GFS REDactive system brings a lot to the table. From our Alnico magnets to our super low-noise lo-impedance preamps to our individual "Position Calibrated" pickups. NOBODY can match the tone, versatility, power and especially VALUE of the REDactive system.

System?? System you say? Damned right. A complete soup to nuts system. Sold as a kit or buy the pieces YOU want...a la carte. Individual lo impedance pots, jacks, caps and switches or go deluxe, and go for our REDactive "Plug-N-Play" system. NO SOLDERING.... instantly configurable, with a limitless number of possibilities. (Oh yeah- dirt cheap too)

You'll find GFS REDactive Reds have a touch more bottom, a lot more high end sizzle and a noticeable increase in gain and headroom. Even if you're a dyed-in-the-wool "Vintage Pickup Guy", you'll totally dig what the REDactives can do.

Want modern Power? REDactive Golds are for you! Tons of gain, bags of tone, a volume control that never gets dark or muddy, the ability to drive infinitely long cables or endless pedalboard connections without tonal loss... and of course- the complete and utter lack of any hum or buzz.

*Our RedActive pickups are not designed to plug and play with other active systems. 

DOWNLOAD: REDactive Wiring Instructions

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