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SPECIAL PURCHASE! Glued In Setneck ST/TE Style Neck/Body assembly

We had a truckload of these one year ago... Glued-in short tenon 25 1/2" scale length Strat and Tele styles. WE sold out of those in a matter of DAYS, even though they were "Rough" factory rejects made out of basswood.

Well imagine our surprise when a DIFFERENT factory offered us a batch of similar styles.. made out of nice lightweight pauwlonia... glued in MAPLE necks with either maple or rosewood fingerboards. Even better the pauwlonia was faced with clear white maple veneers, so the finished pieces look great and the unfinished pieces are ready for a nice smooth finish. The necks have a 12" radius and a Stainless Steel Biflex truss rod pre-installed. Headstocks are drilled with 10mm holes perfect for Gotoh/Grover style tuners, or Kluson style with conversion bushings.

These are BRAND NEW and we consider them first quality, but they are "Mid Production", meaning a factory would take these pieces and install all hardware, pickups, tuners... then level and dress the frets and carefully inspect and touch up any blemishes, nicks, scratches etc. So THAT PART has not been done here. YOU will need to do that level of finish...

We've built a few of them and they make INCREDIBLE guitars- great sustain, nice tone- fantastic weight! The best part is the neck is glued-in and set... so the geometry is SET and accurate. A tremendous step up from trying to fit a bolt-on from scratch!
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