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Single Humbucker Pickguard
Single Humbucker Pickguard '1984 Aged White' - Fits Stratocaster®

Single Humbucker Pickguard "1984 Aged White" - Fits Stratocaster®

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Back to Basics baby.

If you just want to ROCK- there's no better solution than bolting one of our ONE HUMBUCKER, NO FRILLS pickguards on your strat. Forget vintage- bolt in a GFS Vintage 59, Fat Paf or Retrotron and you turn that bluesy strat into a bonafide rock machine.

These are custom cut for us, and a very good match for most USA strats. These are high quality guards- Awesome Correct 64 Aged White finish- 3 Ply with a full shield affixed to the control area- and don't be surprised if this is the same exact guard used by some VERY famous manufacturers.

Please don't confuse this with the cheapo thin single ply guards some sell, or the Mighty Mite guards on Ebay. (Mighty Mite uses their own shape and hole location) This is the standard vintage strat® size and hole placement. (As with all pickguards- you will almost always need to modify some hole placements when retrofitting a pickguard)
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