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Slickstraps Route 66 - (SRS) Ivory/Black
SHP Black/Yellow/Red

Slickstraps Route 66 - (SRS) Ivory/Black

Part Number:(SRS) Ivory/Black


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Slickstraps are hand crafted Top grain leather guitar straps- Straps like we used to have in the good old days before phoney baloney "Bonded leather" and all the fake polyurethane embossed straps at your local Big box guitar store... these are the real deal.

A big fat slab of real Top grain leather- no fake embossed "Leather pattern", just the good stuff that will last a lifetime. Slick's original designs are HAND APPLIED to each strap and then the strap is HAND DISTRESSED to look like it's just toured the world three or four time! Slick Straps are also EXTRA long in the Keith Richards/Johny Thunders style- so if you like your guitar slung low- You want a Slickstrap! (And of course adjustable to any length you require) The main body of the strap is 2 1/2" wide and a full 36" long and the tail which attaches to the main strap body is an Xtra long 24".

Chinese characters meaning Health and Prosperity mark this strap- good vibes for sure!  This strap is sold in five main body colors with a choice of five different tails- Chose the main strap from the drop-down menu, then chose the tail.
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