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Solid Brass Block "Shorty" "Squier" and Import Compatible 10.5mm Gold Tremolo

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If your spacing is the standard "Import" spec of 2 1/16"- that's 10.5mm between the strings, this is for you. measure the holes on the top of your guitar FIRST.

NOBODY has this except us- We designed it and it's custom made for us. Case hardened steel base-plate, solid BRASS trem block- FULL SIZED- hardened steel trem arm- screws and springs- everything you need for a complete install.

This is the "SHORTY" Block- Not the usual 43mm tall but 39mm tall- Custom made for your slightly shallower than USA spec guitar- like all the "Squier" and typical imported Strats. Works on leverything from 39mm thick to 45mm thick!

The improvement in tone is remarkable- better sustain, better bottom end response- Brass gives you the warmth that many single coil guitars lack! The guitar will sound fuller, louder and tighter.

We've upgraded many of the strats in our sound-room and WOW- what a difference.

You get a complete installation kit- All you need is a screwdriver. Just measure your trem- if your screw holes are exactly 52.5mm from Low E hole to high E hole- this is a DROP-IN.
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