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"Squier Affinity" 35MM Tall 10.5mm spaced brass Tremolo Block
'Squier Affinity' 35MM Tall 10.5mm spaced brass Tremolo Block

"Squier Affinity" 35MM Tall 10.5mm spaced brass Tremolo Block

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Upgrade Your tone!

Fender's popular "Squier Affinity" Strat style guitars use very thin bodies with ridiculously lightweight, "flimsy" tremolos. For years we've been upgrading these by swapping out the tiny, lightweight "Pot Metal" trem block with a "Made in Mexico" style block, which sorta fist, but they always hangs out the back of the guitar.


We've gone ahead and made up very solid cast and machined SOLID BRASS blocks that DO FIT these guitars! These add mass, tone and sustain. You'll INSTANTLY notice the extra bass, the souped-up midrange and the long, effortless sustain. These use the 10/32 style vintage trem arm, which is what you will find on most Affinity trems. If you have one of the models with the larger 6mm arm we do sell replacements.

These are a VERY short 35mm, the exact height of the Affinity block, but feature 5x the metal and mass!

These come as pictured with 3 new chrome mounting screws.
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Guitarfetish Price $32.95

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