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Standard Solder "Premium" Harnesses - Fits LP Harness "P90" 330K pots, Braided Metal Cabling, .022uf Purple Polypro Cap

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FINALLY! A complete hand-wired LP assembly- made with the BEST components completely on par with the best Made in USA components!

This is designed to be used with P90s or bright humbuckers in a Les Paul or similar guitar where the toggle switch is in a separate cavity at the upper bout. We start with our famed XGP Premium potentiometers, 2 A330ks for Volume 2 B330Ks for tone. A .022uf Polypropelene tone cap makes for smooth roll off. We've wired the whole thing up with vintage correct braided steel jacketed cables. This rig is all soldered up and ready to install. YOU will solder your pickups to the toggle switch and the switch to the pot leads.

This is a great value!
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Guitarfetish Price $27.95

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