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Strat® "Texas" Alnico Stagger Pickup

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You've been bugging us for a a year now to get a boutique GFS alnico Strat set with the "Texas" thing happening- You know- HOT bridge pickup, vintage middle and neck. We make a vintage set, we make a HOT set, and now finally we have the "Texas" Overwound set.

It's a great balance- the bridge pickup is cranked up to 9.0K- Mid Pickup is 5.3K, neck pickup is 5.0K- so they're full, warm and VERY crunchy- plug into that Marshall and wail away- while the wimpy factory pickup players look on jealously!

The middle pickup is reverse wound, so positions 2 and 4 are humbucking- and they are stupidly quiet too!

I like this set a lot- I think it can hang with any of the $200+ pickup sets out there- If you want an even fuller and richer tone then check out our "Premium" overwound set- which adds a few more expensive components- it's an extra $20 well spent.

I've installed about a bazillion pickups in Strats in the last 25 years, and I assure you that these pickups can hang with the best of the "Boutique" handmade pickups out there- really.

The "Texas Alnico Staggers" have all of the boutique components- sweet correct vintage-style cut Alnico 5 polepieces, genuine Formvar 42 gauge copper windings on the mid and neck, 43 on the bridge pickup, all individually vacuum impregnated with genuine Paraffin wax, vintage style color coded wiring. This set is calibrated for the neck, middle and bridge position.

If you want real vintage Strat tone, but with the modern features like a hot overwound bridge pickup, R/W middle pickup, and vacuum impregnated paraffin wax soaking, then these should fit the bill.

You get one, two or all three pickups (Use the dropdown menus), screws, springs and wiring instructions.

These pickups come with a STANDARD SOLDER LEAD, and may be soldered directly to your existing wiring with no modifications. You may also order a matching “Solderless” pre-assembled wiring harness for quick and easy “pain-free” installation! Click here to add a harness to your cart.

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$10 off a Calibrated Set (KPS10 + KPS11 + KPS18) [+$46.95]
Neck Position - 5.0K - KPS10 [+$18.95]
Middle Position - 5.3K - KPS11 [+$18.95]
Bridge Position - 9K - KPS18 [+$18.95]
Retail Price:$102.95
Starting at $ 16.95

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