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Surf 180 Black/Chrome
Surf 180 Black/Chrome

Surf 180 Black/Chrome

Part Number:Surf 180 Black/Chrome


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The Surf 90 is our version of the classic 1950's Rockabilly pickup, But it's ONLY a single coil. "Hey Guys- Make a HUMBUCKER!"

So we did- here it is- the Surf 180.

Sweet Alnico II rod magnets- set up in a "Reverse 3x3" alignment. These are set up to provide a unique kind of balance while losing none of the crisp, transparent crunch. The three treble poles are towards the NUT- for a fuller, richer sound. The three bass poles are towards the BRIDGE, the add extra clarity and edge. The result is a rich, crunchy humbucker with a cool transparent zing and edge, a perfect match for the Surf 90s. Bridge pickups are spaced at 50mm from E-to-E center-to-center, and Necks at 48mm. With their extra wide poles they will work with practically ANY string spacing.

Oh yeah- ithey fit into ANY standard humbucker mounting slot.

We've wound them full and firm, but decidedly vintage. Bridge pickups are 8.8K, neck pickups are 8K. The result is a warm and VERY rich humbucker- like a vintage "PAF" type pickup but with added clarity and transparency. These are spectacular for 50's rockabilly, amazing at surfy 60s stuff, dynamic and snappy enough to do a convincing Hendrix vibe, big bodied and rich enough to drive a Marshall head for a very articulate classic rock sound.

I think you'll find the quality on the Surf 180 is equal to that of ANY handwound pickup out there. We use non-magnetic German Silver baseplates, chromed German Silver shells, USA made plain enamel coil wire, USA made push-back braided leads, genuine fiber bobbin formers and the whole shebang is carefully potted in genuine beeswax. These use Kwikplug 4 wire leads, and ARE coil splittable.

This item is Kwikplug Compatible.

Need help wiring? Check out our interactive wiring instructions!

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Neck Position - 8.0K - KPH198 [+$36.95]
Bridge Position - 8.8K - KPH199 [+$36.95]
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