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Telecaster® Active 25db Boost- Mid and Treble Preamp!!

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At last we are proud to introduce our exclusive Tele boost preamp circuit. Custom designed to fit ALL standard telecaster® control cavities- now you can turn your passive dull tele into a Low Impedance, active, Fire Breathing monster.

Set you overall active clean boost with the on-board trim pot- Clockwise for unity gain, counterclockwise for us to 25 db of clean boost- That's MASSIVE amounts of boost at your fingertips. Yes you can use your stock 500K pot to control passive volume, but we STRONGLY suggest you grab one of our low impedance 50K pots, and follow our instructions to hook up a complete low impedance rig- the difference is quite dramatic.

The supplied concentric pot puts active Mid boost/Cut on the bottom control, active Treble Boost/Cut on the top control. We include the solid brass chromed concentric knobs.

The kit ships complete- preamp board, pre-wired concentric pot, pre-wired 9 volt battery jack, switching output jack, 2-piece concentric tele knob set and our famous illustrated idiot-proof installation sheet.

Get everything from sparkling clean tele, to massively overdriven humbucker tones, to swampy SRV strat tones. It's super versatile, and really tough to live without once you've experienced the power of this beautifully designed circuit!!

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