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USA Strat- 2 point Hardened Steel GOLD Tremolo System

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Got a USA strat- you know- the two studs planted at 2 7/32" apart?? FINALLY we have received a small quantity of our own custom built, custom designed UPGRADE bridge.

First we started with the right size hardened steel baseplate- I GUARANTEE this will fit on every USA 2-point strat ever made, and the slightly elongated cutout on one side makes it easy for a custom install too- even if you're off a touch- fits fine.

Next we threw out the thin, lightweight tapered block that the big "F" uses and put a FULL-SIZED, STEEL SUSTAIN BLOCK on this bad boy.

Next we chucked the cheapo "zinc" saddles used by the Corona gang and installed genuine STAINLESS STEEL saddles. Gone is the thin vintage screw in arm with NO adjustability- in is a thick, hardened steel trem arm with push-in TENSION ADJUSTABLE sleeve.

The best trem you can buy for your guitar, at a FRACTION of the cost of what others are charging!! You get the trem COMPLETE with studs, wrenches, claw, springs, arm- ready to roll!

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Guitarfetish Price $45.95

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