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VEH- Vintage Extra Hot- Nickel- The BROWN Sound!

The Vintage Extra Hot...VEH, is the result of an awful lot of serious tone tweaking on our part.

Everybody Wants Some... some of Eddies early 80's tone that is. You know what I mean.. the big, round BROWN sound... A Marshall head about to explode...variac cranked...bridge humbucker hitting that first 12AX7 HARD...big, fat and round...yet somehow ALSO clean and clear and ridiculously articulate. Did he rewind an old Gibson pickup?? Who knows what the truth is.

What we did is take the great traditional "Patent Applied For" recipe, wound each coil to a very specific number of turns with 43 gauge wire on non-magnetic German Silver baseplates, got the mechanical aspects and geometry all right and then potted them just perfectly with pure paraffin.

The VEH's are BIG sounding... Bridge is wound to 11.2K, Neck to 9.4K but they FEEL bigger...Bottom end is VERY big- incredible on thinner sounding guitars- especially guitars with tone robbing stuff like Floyd Rose trems- and of course genius on less expensive imported guitars that might not be crafted from the finest of tonewoods.

OK so you've got your fat, big fire breathing mildly overwound vintage style pickup- High end is mud- right?? NOT with the VEH. Upper mids and highs breath and positively RING. Back off your picking attack and they clean up RIGHT NOW to a crisp and very clear humbucker tone more reminiscent of a 50's P.A.F. pickup.

The VEH pickups are made with Alnico 5 magnets, four wire cables for easy coil tapping, and come in a retail box with black trim ring, mounting screws and our illustrated GFS wiring manual.

Listen to ALL of the Sound files below!

VEH Bridge Crisp, Clear high end with the round, vintage bottom end! MP3: VEH bridge
VEH Bridge Blues Warm and crisp yet lots of girth! MP3: VEH Bridge Blues
VEH Neck Blues A neck pickup that exactly compliments the bridge- notice the extended high end! MP3: VEH Neck Blues
VEH Clean We start with the bridge and then switch to the neck pickup. MP3: VEH Clean
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