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Vintage Split Humbucker- Classic Fender Style

This is the new GFS "Vintage Split" humbucker for use in the Bridge position. A recreation of the classic Seth Lover designed Fender® pickup used on the Tele deluxe and Custom models of the late 60's, except these are STANDARD humbucker size- they fit in everything. These are very faithful recreations too- with a warm vintage bottom and a pronounced upper mid like the originals. Output is faithful too- so these are best for the vintage tone fans out there. I think these have a very clear and articulate tone, and mounted to a bolt-on guitar, through a Vox AC-30 top Boost- Kerrang!!! These are high quality, wax potted pickups. I've used them on a number of different guitars and they really look and sound excellent. If you're looking for a vintage sounding humbucker with a very clear and open sound- this is for YOU!

You get one BRAND NEW retail packaged GFS Vintage Split pickup in Chrome finish- As with all GFS high end pickups it's packaged with all installation parts and complete wiring instructions.

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