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Wilkinson EZ-LOK locking Tuners Black 6 inline for Fender Headstocks

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A GREAT idea!! Lock those strings with NO MOVING PARTS!! Complete installation kit of SIX.

Brand new and really cool. A great full sized 6 inline tuner set with famous Wilkinson quality. These feature string post holes drilled at 90 degrees from each other. Pull the string through one hole real tight, wrap 3/4 around the post, pull tight through the other hole. Tune to pitch, cut the string- DONE. You get two tall tuners and four medium tuners- Tall for the E and A and use the mediums for the higher strings- Use the top hole first for the E, A and D, use the bottom hole first for the G, B and E and on many guitars you have enough stagger to do away with the string tree!

We've tried em on a couple of strats and they work like a champ.

Retail Price:$55.95
Guitarfetish Price $29.95

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