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Wired 3-Ply W/B/W Pickguard 2 White PAF Humbuckers - Fits Strat®
Wired 3-Ply W/B/W Pickguard 2 White PAF Humbuckers - Fits Strat®

Wired 3-Ply W/B/W Pickguard 2 White PAF Humbuckers - Fits Strat®

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These are our own custom designed- custom wired AWESOME quality pre-wired pickguard units. Go pick up a cheapo Strat from the local Guitar Barn and turn it into a vintage monster! This is NOT a pickguard unit pulled from a low-end Saga kit, or removed from a cheap Chinese Strat® copy. High end stuff here. Wired with two mini Potentiometers, KILLER hot Double WHITE PAF style pickups, cool white hardware and a nice 3-Ply W/B/W pickguard. Try and figure out what it would cost to wire one of these up for yourself?

This is a great opportunity to grab one of these for what the big guitar makers pay- A similar Pickguard/Pickup/Pot/Switch/Knob setup is supplied to a "Very Famous" manufacturer, and I buy mine from the same source in stupid quantities.

The pickups are big fat aggressive PAF style humbuckers- NOT cheapo jobs with non-adjustable polepieces. It's got a real 3-way switch, smooth Full Sized Alpha audio taper pots and the full compliment of knobs and switch tip. This is a standard 11-hole Strat® style pickguard, and should be a good fit for most real Strat® guitars. Most modern guitars have the H-S-H route or even the "Swimming Pool" route- if not- break out the chisels! You might find a few holes off a bit, but after 25 years of fitting pickguards I can tell you- nearly every guitar needs a little bit of fitting work.

I've installed like a million of these in kit guitars, as replacement for cheapo pickup combos on imports, and even in real Fender® guitars with dead pickups. A great looking, great sounding rig ready for just that little touch of solder to get rocking! This is a very authentic looking and sounding rig- Super syrupy strat tones!

Remember- 3 ply- Black/White/Black- not cheapo single ply white. Last time I checked the big catalogs were getting $100 for a similar unit. I have one of these rigs on a beat old cheapo body with an Allparts neck- everyone raves about the tone...

As with all of my items, this is a brand new, factory fresh unit. I DO NOT disassemble guitars, pawn off used parts as new, or sell parts from the big catalog distributors.

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying about this item

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR AN AWESOME SOUNDING Pair of PAF PICKUPS and then being installed in a Pickguard to easily just install them, and have every hair on your body STAND ON END as if you just discovered THE ULTIMATE GUITAR TONE that you've been hunting for and never finding! ...Just AMAZING THANK YOU GUITARFETISH, you just made a 30 + year dream come true!!! Bob M. Glendora, New Jersey.

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