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XGP 285 pc. Heat Shrink Tubing Assortment- WHITE- Made for Guitar projects!

Part Number:XGPHST120


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I use Heat Shrink tubing every single day. Nothing finishes off an install like having every connection protected nice and neat.

White color looks GREAT when wiring pickguards!

I've finally gone ahead and made my own- This is the EXTREME shrink stuff- it shrinks more than 2:1, closer to 3:1, so it really snugs down on those solder joints and gives you awesome protection.

I've made up a bag of all the sizes I use daily and left out the stuff you don't need. If you're busy this is a several month supply, but for most of us this bag will last years.

Each piece is cut 1 5/8" long.

You get the following:

100 pcs of 1/24" tubing- Perfect for shielding the little coil tap wires- once shrunk won't fall off!
50 pcs of 1/12" tubing- perfect for single wire connections
30 pcs of 1/10"- best for single wire/stranded connections
25 ps of 1/8th"- I like for adding strength to the ends of leads that solder to the switch.
20 pcs of 1/4"- nice to run two leads through as we do on pre-wired pickguards
20 pcs of 1/3"- this will accomodate two thicker cloth covered wires.
20 pcs of 3/8"- nice for shielding small caps or running up to 6 solid core wires through
20 pcs of 5/8"- The big boy can shield larger caps and let's you run all 6 pickup wires through- for the final bit of wiring on a Strat

Why spend more- I've found this manufacturer to make the best stuff.

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