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XGP Brand SOLID BRASS Slick Guitars wraparound Bridge-
XGP Brand SOLID BRASS Slick Guitars wraparound Bridge-

XGP Brand SOLID BRASS Slick Guitars wraparound Bridge-

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XGP represents the absolute top-of-the-line in guitar parts!

This is the SOLID BRASS wraparound bridge that is used on all new Slick brand guitars. These are machined from solid billet brass, then polished to a beautiful natural brass look. There is NO finish on these- no sealer, no plating- it's real brass. You get the ballsy sustain, the smooth, effortless string bending, and the enriched harmonics that ONLY real solid brass can give you. With no finish the brass will naturally age as you play it. Enjoy the genuine brass patina or polish it back to a high gloss with standard jewelry or metal polish.

This is a wraparound bridge that fits about 90% of the LP Jr. style guitars on the planet. Studs are spaced at 81.5mm, a perfect fit for our own Slick Brand guitars as well as all of the single bridge guitars from Epiphone, Dean, Washburn, ESP and many, many others. The unit comes complete with a pair of real brass studs, which screw into metric threaded bushings which mount in 12mm holes. The bridge base is machined to a Gibson-Standard 12" radius.

The saddles have TWO setscrews, meaning they lock to the machined center channel for explosive sustain! Both intonation and string spacing are completely adjustable. Two grub screws allow for gross intonation for the entire unit as well.

You get the bridge, studs, inserts and wrench.
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