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XGP "Swimming Pool Rout" Professional SOLID ALDER Strat Body Vintage Sunburst
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XGP "Swimming Pool Rout" Professional SOLID ALDER Strat Body Vintage Sunburst



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XGP- eXcellence in Guitar Parts.

This is our best.

The best woods, The best woodworking, the best finish.

This XGP Strat body is cut from hand selected very nicely weighted USA Sourced Alder wood. This is the closest we can come to a real vintage body! We rout each body to exact 1963 Stratocaster body specs... using MY OWN 1963 Daphne Blue Strat as the template.  This is a level of quality that YOU HAVE NOT SEEN at anything near this price.

We rout each body with the modern Fender "Swimming Pool Route"- Install ANY possible pickups set- Humbuckers, Singels, P90s, YOU NAME IT... it will fit with the proper pickguard. We even rout the channels to accommodate the pickups height screws.  The neck pocket is routed to a vintage correct 2 3/16" width, and fits our necks and most real Fender Brand necks perfectly. Take a good look- the thin, hard vintage finish, the perfect contours- the USA spec trem rout. We're so fastidious about quality that we rout the bodies, prime them, sand them, paint them, wet sand them, polish them and THEN ROUT THEM AGAIN to create the pristine, perfect cavity you see here. There are cheaper ways to make a body, but none better.

We think this body compares VERY favorably to bodies sold in the $200-$400 range. BUY DIRECT and save!
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