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XGP "USA Spec" Premium Necks and Bodies

All New Premium XGP Necks and Bodies

XGP represents the very best quality parts that we can source, at the very lowest prices.

XGP Necks and Bodies are reproductions of USA made guitars from the 1950's and 1960's. These are designed to fit parts taken off USA made guitars, and USA spec replacement parts. We sell a full and complete lineup of USA spec parts that perfectly fit all XGP necks and bodies.

We suggest you compare these to MUCH more expensive bodies and necks made in Japan and the USA.
Every part here is the result of a lot of hard work. We hand inspect the wood, and use only the highest quality Alder, Ash and Maple.

XGP gives you a chance to purchase very high quality parts below USA Wholesale prices. We sell warehouse direct - no middlemen, no sales reps, no trade shows.
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