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Xtrem Top Mount Flat Surface Vibrato- Black Finish
Xtrem Top Mount Flat Surface Vibrato- Black Finish
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Xtrem Top Mount Flat Surface Vibrato- Black Finish

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Years in the making... the new Xtrem from Guitarfetish gives you all the great vintage sounds that vintage tremolos made famous, but with modern levels of tone, sustain and tuning stability.

As great as vintage trems are, we always felt there was a better vibrato out there...just waiting for someone to make it!

The Xtrems do not use the old fashioned "Axle" that uncoils the strings- No more feeding the ball end onto those fiddly pins- Restringing is quick and painless, and our unique 'hinge' design means the strings are firmly retained by a large tone block of solid aluminum, pivoting and ball bearings, and controlled by a cast aluminum "sculpted" arm- not a flat piece of sheetmetal.

It's a really great unit- made to the highest standards and plated in heavy duty triple chromium plating. We ship it to you with the Xtrem assembled, a firm chrome plated spring, and four matching chrome screws.

The Xtrem TM (Top Mount) is a surface mount tremolo- This means is screws securely to any FLAT top guitar. Works great on SG®s, Teles, hardtail strats etc.

The TM utilizes 6 low-friction rollers on the down-pressure bar- GENIUS! Strings are held down like on the vintage unit, but six rollers give you ZERO friction. So guess what- tuning stability is UNREAL. On many guitars you can use a tuneomatic or similar bridge in front of the TM. On Teles with standard "vintage mount" bridges- try our incredible "Tele Tuneomatic Roller Bridge".

The TM is 4 1/8" long and 3 3/8" wide at the string-end.
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