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Black Floyd Rose "Fastloader" Locking Tremolo System
Black Floyd Rose 'Fastloader' Locking Tremolo System

Black Floyd Rose "Fastloader" Locking Tremolo System

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This is my favorite of the aftermarket floyds out there. NOT the cheapo "Pot Metal" bridge so many others sell- this is the real deal-Genuine Licensed Floyd Rose quality- You want sustain? Fuhgeddaboutit?. Ridiculously nice BLACK CHROME PLATING- really classy?Hey- Don't get suckered in by those cheapo Ebay Floyds with the soft pot metal plate and saddles.

Even better- it's similar to the new "Speedloader" style- Forget about the fussy snip-the-end-off-the-string deal- just pop your strings through the tubes and you're all set- NO locks on the saddles, and they got the geometry right because I have Dive Bombed the crap out of this thing and it is RIGHT ON THE MONEY! Yes folks, this bridge can accept regular strings.

You still get the standard Floyd fine tuners, except here the whole shebang is BLACK CHROME PLATED- Nice touch....Stud spacing is STOCK Gotoh/Floyd 2 7/8" on center- If that's what you got- it's a drop-in...I've put these on a freakin' stadium full of Ibanez RG and Jackson/Charvel guitars- dead easy- on some I need to trim the top route just a hair- but like 1-2mm that's it- Everything else is STOCK-

This is the whole kit as assembled here- Bridge, Arm, Lock nut, Adjusting wrenches, Solid machined Steel studs in zinc threaded inserts, springs, claw and screws. Heck- I'll even throw in a pair of the correct wrenches! Retail is $139.I have the correct retainer bar listed as well for you fender® headstock guys.

Retail Price:$139.00
Guitarfetish Price $66.95

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