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MODboard FAQ's

Some of the most commonaly asked questions about MODboards:

Where do I mount the MODboard?

MODboards are designed to mount within your guitar. Each board is 1 3/8" x 2". In general you need a control cavity that is at least 1 1/2" deep- That will allow you to mount the MODboard in the cavity and still have room for either a concentric pot module or Push/Pull on/off switch. In many guitars space is tight, so you will need to carefully plan your install, and be very patient when installing the MODboard.

Should I shield my cavity?

Yes we recommend shielding the controls cavity using either conductive paint or metal foil tape.

How do I know which controls I need?

Every MODboard need three separate controls-

  1. On/Off Switch
  2. Potentiometer 1 - J1 - Top Jumper Block-
  3. Potentiometer 2 - J2 - Bottom Jumper Block-

The Switch may be either a Push/Pull switch (Part # PPOT) or a surface mounted mini switch. (Part # MSW) You can use the Push/Pull control to replace a normal passive control on your guitar- either a volume or tone control. The pots may be either two separate pots (Part # SPOT) or a single Concentric pot (Part # CPOT). The third paramteter is J3, which is a board-mounted pot. This control is set during your testing and is not variable during performance.

What's a good setup for a Strat?

There are two basic Strat setups- "Modded" concentric and "Stock" separate. 

In modded mode you replace the middle tone control with a concentric pot. You replace the tone control with a push/pull pot. The volume pot stays as-is, and using this configuration your controls from top to bottom are- Volume (Passive), Concentric (CPOT) knobset (Active), Master Tone (Passive). When the Tone knob is down the guitar acts exactly like a passive Strat, with Volume and Tone control. (The tone knob affects all three pickups)

In "Stock" mode you actually lose some passive control, relocate the volume control, but the guitar now looks totally stock. You replace the Volume pot with a single active (SPOT) pot for Parameter 1, replace the neck tone control with (SPOT) Parameter 2, and then install a (PPOT) push/pull pot in the bottom hole. This becomes your Passive volume control and your on/off control. You have no tone control using this system. If you want the volume control in the top hole, which just feels better to most players, you'll need to use a standard 250K pot and a separate SPST switch for on/off. We like to put the switch between the lower two knobs.

What's a good Setup for a Les Paul or similar?

You have two basic four-knob, twin humbucker setups- "Modded" concentric and "Stock" separate.

Modded mode leaves the two separate Volume controls, a single Master Tone control, and you install a single stacked (CPOT) concentric pot stack to control the MODboard. This gives you the most passive control when the MODboard is off, but you lose one vintage knob and install a concentric knob. This is also far easier than the stock method, since you do not have to rewire the toggle switch.

Stock mode leaves you with four stock looking knobs- You now have a single Master Volume (Passive) knob, single Master Tone (Passive) knob, and then searate (SPOT) knobs for the two adjustable MODboard parameters. You must replace either passive controls with a passive push/pull control to switch the unit on and off.

What about a PRS or similar?

A typical PRS has a single rotary or toggle switch, Master Volume and Master Tone. You must lose your tone control, replacing it with a concentric Pot. You replace your volume control with a push/pull on/off switch. In general you'll use the PPOT-500.

Can I leave everything stock and just have an on/off switch?

Sure- You MUST use pots to control J1 and J2- if you have the room you can simply hook up the SPOT single potentiometers and tuck them into the control cavity, leaving a totally stock layout.

Can I use Multiple MODboards in a single application?

Sure- most MODboards run at idle pulling only .35MA- even maxed out you never exceed 18ma, so you should be able to operate 3 effects off of a single 9 Volt battery.

Can I modify the MODboards?

There are many ways to modify the MODBoards, but ANY mods to the circuit board itself will void your Guitarfetish 1 year warranty.

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