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GF'Tron "Hard" Gold Hotter Alnico V Pickups fits Filter'Tron
GF'Tron 'Hard' Gold Hotter Alnico V Pickups fits Filter'Tron
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GF'Tron "Hard" Gold Hotter Alnico V Pickups fits Filter'Tron

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GF'Tron Hard Vintage with Alnico V Magnets.

Just a bit more power, a bit more output and a bit more crunch, without losing the great vintage jangle and twang! A nice way to get the great old-school Rockabillty sound but with some more modern power.

These use Alnico V magnets, Formvar 42 gauge coil wire, and correct Fillister head adjusting screws. Each pickup is vacuum wax potted with a beeswax/parrafin mixture. These are Kwikplug compatible and are four wire pickups so you can use a coil-split switch for single coil sounds as well.  We've wound the Bridge to a slightly fuller 6.6K and the neck to 6.0K. Bridge position pickups are spaced at 50mm, neck pickups spaced at 48mm. These will mount exactly in vintage routs, and are a PERFECT fit for our GF'Tron cut bodies, bridges and pickguards.

We ship these with long wood screws and foam pads for mounting into a pre-cut rout, or choose our GFT01 Adapter bar to instantly convert these to "Humbucker" style mounting. This allows you to hang the pickup below any of our adapter rings, even mount them in the exact place of a humbucker pickup with our "LP" Style adapter rings.

Need help wiring? Check out our interactive wiring instructions!

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Detachable Solder Lead - Kwikplug Compatible - Bridge Position - KPH188 [+$37.95]
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$ 39.95

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