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Neovin Pre-Wired Harness- Volume/Boost/Tone controls



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This is the Neovin PREVVT kit includes a completely pre-assembled board, switching output jack, passive volume control and master tone control. All you need to do is solder your pickup hot wires to the switch, ground everything to the back of the volume pot and pass the output jack wires through the body cavity- Very fast and simple.

This replaces everything on your strat- Switch and all pots, even the jack.

Our illustrated instructions make it fairly simple to turn your passive guitar into a fully active, EQ'd tone machine.

While we specifically designed this circuit to match the frequency response of the GFS Neovin pickup- it works AMAZINGLY well with all passive pickups- especially other noise canceling sets like Lace Sensors, fender® Noiseless and most others.

This is a small and extremely effective circuit. If you need control of the EQ functions while playing- try our F28 circuit.

Need some help with wiring? Check out our wiring instructions!

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