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Mid Boost Circuit- "Clapton- Woman Tone"  at your fingertips!
Mid Boost Circuit- 'Clapton- Woman Tone' at your fingertips!

Mid Boost Circuit- "Clapton- Woman Tone" at your fingertips!

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This is the coolest boost circuit in the whole world.

I like it for that "Woman Tone"- the big, full, rich, FAT sound. Get it from a Strat- Get it from a P90- Get it from a humbucker- Make a thin single coil pickup guitar sound rich and fat like a vintage humbucker. Make a thick humbucker guitar sound like a "quacky strat". Push your humbucker guitar to entirely new levels of warmth, fatness and crunch! Could it get any better?.

The guts of a great vintage footpedal, miniaturized and put into a simple pot-mounted circuit. Forget the pedal board, just install the "Custom EQ Control" circuit right into your guitar.

I've sold a ton of these- and we charge $79 for the "Custom EQ Control" circuit and $50 for installation. I'm including my easy-to-follow installation instructions, as well as a 9 volt battery clip. All you need is a small soldering iron and a guitar!

First of all- the "CEC" part of the circuit is switchable via a push-pull control. Push the knob down, your guitar is dead stock and no one knows you have anything installed. Pull up on the knob and the circuit is engaged. Turned fully counter-clockwise you've got a rich, warm lower mid boost, and a slight attenuation of highs and lows- turns those single coils into rich humbuckers. I have one in a very vintage sounding Tele and this setting turns the bridge pickup into a fat humbucker sound!

Dial the knob up halfway and you've got a MUCH more aggressive guitar.

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