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Onboard Guitar Enhancer Unit- OVERDRIVE that tube amp!!
Onboard Guitar Enhancer Unit- OVERDRIVE that tube amp!!

Onboard Guitar Enhancer Unit- OVERDRIVE that tube amp!!

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A Really FUN and useful circuit.

The guts of a great sweepable EQ and Gain footpedal, miniaturized and put into a simple pot-mounted circuit. Forget the pedal board, just install the "Tube Driver" circuit right into your guitar. Not a distortion pedal- but a smooth sweepable Gain/EQ boost for overdriving your amp. Starts out with a FAT boost great for fattening up Single Coils, and it cranks all the way up to a screaming Mid/Treble boost sure to push your amp over the edge!

I've sold a ton of these- and we usually charged $79 for the "Tube Driver" circuit and $50 for installation. I'm including my easy-to-follow installation instructions, as well as a 9 volt battery clip. All you need is a small soldering iron and a guitar!

First of all- the Tube Driver part of the circuit is switchable via a push-pull control. With the knob in the UP position, your guitar is dead stock and no one knows you have anything installed. Smack the knob down the knob and the circuit is engaged. Turned fully counter-clockwise you've got a full, warm boost with a nice low mid punch, and the tone of your existing pickups stays relatively the same, just now you've got a low-impedance guitar, so everything is a bit more open with a much clearer high end. Start dialing the knob towards clockwise and the warm, fat tube tone starts to come in. In the middle I find it GREAT for pushing a stock Strat into Humbucker territory. Jacked all the way up it is VERY EXTREME- not for the timid- Big-Time Mid boost and serious gain boost. It's not a distortion- but a smooth and very hot boost for overdriving your amp. Since we sell a lot of very moderate output vintage pickups this is great to give them some needed butt-kicking boost.

This is a must-have device. It's so excellent that I've been mounting them in small metal project boxes and creating a KILLER boutique overdrive pedal!
For the cost of your winning bid you can turn any guitar into a total vintage toned screamer! I've put em in $350 Mexican Strats and into $2600 PRS Artists- everyone is always amazed at how this circuit makes any guitar a versatile tone machine.

Need some help with wiring? Check out our wiring instructions!

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